Dog Walking

£10 per hour - includes time to settle the dog back at home, clean dog to remove any excess mud or water, replenish drinking water and food as necessary.

I am more than happy to walk two dogs from the same household at the same time and will not let them off the lead unless I have the owner's written permission to do so. Bonding with any dog can take time and it is important that I gain their trust as much as yours.

Terms and Conditions

50% of cost payable upon booking, with the remainder paid after my visit. Payment may be made by cash or cheque.

Please note that deposits will be refunded in full if a cancellation is received up to two weeks before arrangements begin and 50% of the deposit will be returned up to one week before. Thereafter the deposit will be retained in full or at my discretion dependant upon circumstances.

Prices are doubled for all Bank Holidays unless previously agreed; this includes New Years Eve.

24hrs notice of cancellation of any service provided is required.  If less the visit will be charged in full.

Please note that I do not charge less than half an hour at any time, if care of pet goes into a second period of half an hour, the full hour will be charged. 

I would appreciate owners leaving me an up to date contact number in case of illness or injury to any animal.  I will, of course take them to the owner's vet if required but payment must be made by the owner or arrangements made with their own vet.

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